Okay. These are sooooo cool!
Tattoo sleeves are made of durable 40D Urethane Elastic Fiber.They cling tightly, yet comfortably to the arm, giving the convincing impression of a full sleeve tattoo.
Just picture this for a moment.
You show up at the familys house for Thanksgiving holiday dinner with full sleeve tattoos.
Or, go out riding Friday night and come home with full sleeves and see what your old lady does.
How about wearing them to work on Monday morning?
Also great for Halloween, great stocking stuffers for gift giving.
And they're just plain fun!
These things look so real everyone will freak.
You get two identical sleeves per package.
Where else can you get so much fun for $11.95?
Get two pair and wear a different one on each arm for added realism.
Japanese Tattoo Sleeves
Tattoo Sleeves

Qty: Price: $11.95

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