Customize all your gear with these wicked Lace Ups. Turns plain ordinary items into cool looking customised accessories in seconds. Great for the sides of your biker vest, motorcycle jacket, leather pants, biker boots and chaps just to name a few.
Anywhere you have lace, these Lace Ups look and work great.
Quick and easy to put on. Just undo your laces, then put the lace through these as you relace your vest, jacket, chaps, shoes or whatever.
Try a package of these and all of a sudden you will find lots of cool places to install them. Like the laces on the sides of your motorcycle bags, your shoelaces or anything else that has laces. The uses are endless.

Skull and Bones Lace Ups
Skull and Bones
Lace Ups
6 per package

Qty: Price: $14.95

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